Volunteers & Judges Needed!

The CrossFit Games Season is soon approaching! The road to the CrossFit Games, for those of us in Southern California, begins on March 13-14 at UCLA’s Drake Stadium. CFLA is proud to be hosting the event where hundreds of athletes and hundreds more spectators are going to be in attendance for two days of grueling and awesome physical feats.

Being there as an athlete is not the only way to be a part of the event — CFLA is in need of volunteers and judges to be part of our event staff. If you would like to be part of the volunteer team, please email Jennifer at jennifer@crossfitla.com. If you would like to be a judge (and you are CrossFit Level I Certified), please email Becca at becca@crossfitla.com

For more information and regular updates, visit the SoCal Sectional Facebook page — http://www.facebook.com/ 2010CrossFitGamesSoCalSectional

To purchase tickets or register as an athlete, visit the official CF Games website

…also, CFLA recently hosted some local law enforcement for a workout. We had a great time showing them how a CrossFit workout happens, CFLA-style — they did a partner workout of deadlifts, burpees and pull ups. Check out the video below!

Today’s Workout

Back Squat


Max Burpees in 3 minutes

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