Vulnerability and Weakness

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Today’s Workout
1) Tabata squats
2) As many dead hang pull ups as possible in 7 minutes.
3) 150 sit ups for time

Three scores — Tabata squats, pull up reps, sit up time.

Use a running clock, with no break in between exercises. Pull ups start at 4:00. Sit ups start at 11:00.Watching TEDx videos a while back, I came across a woman named Brene Brown. Some of you may be familiar with the original TED Conference, but it has also spawned a series of smaller regional conferences, known as TEDx. They have given a voice to some amazing stories and people out there. Brene Brown, in particular, is an expert and a researcher on shame, vulnerability, and empathy.

Watching this video of her reminded me of CrossFit. A lot of people come to CrossFit with ideas of how things “should” be or feeling shame about where they currently are. Can you grow if you are unable to admit weaknesses? There is nothing to work on if you are perfect. Nothing to train at and fail at repeatedly. Or do you best grow by being authentic, vulnerable and imperfect? Consider why you do or do not participate in the challenges. Is it a sense of fatalism that keeps you safe from failure? What would your training in CrossFit look like if you came to it every day from a place of vulnerability and imperfection?

Long, but worth it:



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