Thursday’s Workout (CAP)
Hang Power Snatch (115/75)
Clapping Push-ups

…and coming Friday (No CAP)
10 rounds for time of:
20 squats
200m runLast night I heard a chirp in my kitchen. Every minute or so, I would hear it again. After a while, I needed to find it, so I walked into the kitchen and waited. Chirp, to my left. Wait. Chirp, behind me. Wait. Chirp, below. Wait. Chirp to my right. Slowly, but surely, I waited, 42 seconds at a time, until I found it — a smoke detector, low on batteries, tucked into the back of a cabinet.

This morning I walked into a bakery and ordered coffee. Can you wait 2 minutes? The coffee is getting ready. So I waited. In the rush of other customers, they forgot. As I waited, I watched people stream in and out, watched the conversations and the other people waiting. Soon they saw me again, scurried to get my coffee, and I was on my way.

Recently, we found an apartment we loved and quickly applied, desperately hoping to be the first. So many apartments before had been terribly disappointing and we really wanted this one. Our application was in and we waited. We went to a BBQ, visited more apartments, went out to dinner, and waited.

So much of life can be judged as “waiting” for what we have planned to happen. Can you wait? What is “waiting” anyway? Is waiting an empty space between important things or is waiting be an important thing itself? By judging a time period as “waiting,” do I ignore that time and miss what is happening right then? I’m curious if “waiting” actually exists or if I’ve made it up. What if there is no such thing? What if there only is what is right now? What if I do something, I do something else, and then something else happens. No waiting at all. Would “waiting” cause me to miss out on half the things I do?

Recently someone dealing with a serious family illness told me that he couldn’t wait for this period to end so that he could get back to life. I know what he meant. But consider that no matter what happens, this IS life. What are you waiting for?

Who needs jumping when you have levitation?

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