Walking Into Nothing

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Today’s Workout

“CrossFit Games Individual Event #4”

As many rounds as possible, in 7 min:
7 Deadlift (315#/205#)
11m (36ft) Run
14 Pistols
21 Double Unders
11m (36ft) Run Sometimes I joke with students about the fact that when we run into each other outside of the gym, in our regular clothes and regular lives, that we do not recognize each other at first. It is funny…but there is also something amazing about that. When you walk into the gym, you are stripping yourself of the uniform of the outside world. Your clothes, your job and all the things you have going on out there cease to matter. I don’t call you doctor or sir and I have no picture of who you should or shouldn’t be. Your gym clothes are the uniform of nothingness and none of us know who you are.

And yet, we know exactly who you are. In the space of nothing that the gym becomes, you become exactly who you truly are inside. We get to know you, not because of your car or your mortgage, not because of your education or your spouse, but because of your heart and your dedication, your sweat and your tears. We have the privilege to bear witness to the little glow inside you, striving to get out and shine, in the safe space inside these walls. On the blank slate, in the empty space, you get to be you.

Bill takes a look from a different angle.



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