Want comfort? Get a blankie.

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“Horrible Hundred” (plus 400)
-Courtesy Crossfit One World

For Time:
25 DL 215/143
25 Sq. Cl. & J 125/83
25 Thruster 75/53
25 OHS 45/33
400m run


A) Hollow Arch Drill
:15:30:45:30:15 of Hollow and Arch Rocks
B) 5x for QUALITY Reps
*Alt movements, score is total reps of each movement
C) EMOM 9: Sq. Snatch
R1-3 70-80% 3 reps
R4-6 80-90% 2 reps
R7-9 90%+ 1 rep
D) 5x for reps:
:30 DU’s
:30 Dips
:30 RestIt doesn’t happen in a warm and cozy bed. It happens standing and shivering, teeth
chattering, on the edge of freezing water, about to dive in, with no hope of being warm.

It doesn’t happen on your couch, flipping channels and eating ice cream. It happens before
the crack of dawn, squinting at the starting line, with doubt and excitement side by side in your chest.

It doesn’t happen lying on the beach, getting a tan. It happens at the end of 26.2 grueling
miles that your body unofficially gave up on 8 miles before.

It doesn’t happen where you are comfortable. It happens beyond the edge of
willingness, where you are ragged, raw, and vulnerable.

Want comfort? Get a blankie.
Want an authentic life? Go where your heart wants to go, but your head says “no.”

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