The Warrior Path

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I’ve been reading Shambhala; The Sacred Path of the Warrior on and off for years. I’ll pick it up now and again and flip to a page and read whatever passages emerge. It never disappoints. I have always been drawn to the idea that warriorship is about being brave enough to awakening your true self and to believe in the basic good of humanity, which is the premise of Shambhala training. I was reminded of the Shambhala teachings after I read Mark Divine’s book during my vacation, Unbeatable Mind. Coach Divine’s book reiterates much of the ancient philosophies described in Shambhala – of how one must be so humble and so acutely in tune  – with a family, a community, a team, the human race — to be a true warrior. It takes a lot of bravery to do what one was meant to do – and to be kind and unselfish while doing it. I suppose it doesn’t matter the culture or the time, one is always capable developing an authentic and extraordinary life even if it means keeping it simple, and even if it sprouts from the most ordinary of situations.

I want to share some recent passages I’ve randomly read from Shambhala; The Sacred Path of the Warrior:

“Shambhala vision teaches that, in the face of the world’s great problems, we can be heroic and kind at the same time.”

“Shambhala Training is the path of study & practice of the tradition of bravery, not being afraid of who you are, and is open to any human being who seeks a genuine and fearless existence.”

“Synchronizing body and mind is not a concept or a random technique someone thought up for self improvement. Rather, it is a basic principle of how to be a human being and how to use your sense perceptions, your mind and your body together.”

“The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything.”

“Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness. You are willing to open up, without resistance or shyness, and face the world. You are willing to share yourself with others.”

“The basic message of the Shambhala teachings is that the best of human life can be realized under ordinary circumstances.”

 And from Coach Divine: “To live an uncommon life, one needs learn uncommon disciplines.”

And that’s how I see you all: the ordinary doing extraordinary and uncommon things, making the best of your lives.

Thanks for always inspiring me. I hope these words reciprocated if just a little.

Wednesday’s Workout

3 T&G Snatch high pulls

3 Snatch-grip jerks

C) 3RFQ on the 7:00
400m Run
500m Row
10 HSPU  
20 Kipping pullups

   **6min cap each round**

And Coming Thursday

A) 3 RFQ
Max Effort Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)

B) 3RFT on the 7:00
100m Sandbag front carry
10 Sandbag front squats
**3min cap each round**




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