Watching Little Green Things Grow

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For time:
10 One-arm DB Sn. 55/40
100 DU
20 DB Sn.
75 DU
30 DB Sn.
50 DU
40 DB Sn.
25 DU
*Switch hands every rep*


A) 4 rounds on the 4
Strict Pullup
B) EMOM 5 @ 75-77.5% of 1RM Sn.
(no rack)
1 Sn. Balance
C) For Reps:
2 min max PC @ 70% of 1 RMI’ve never had much of a green thumb. In fact, I distinctly remember back when I was a Marine, stationed at Camp Pendleton, and living in a quintessential bachelor pad with 3 other Marine Lieutenants in San Clemente, CA, that the green plants in our house had a distinctly brown hue, and the potatoes that we kept in the pantry were sprouting and growing like weeds right out the pantry door. Watching little green things grow was not at all on our minds or part of our agenda.

But today it’s a different story… and I can’t believe a) how easy it is, b) how little time it takes and c) what a miracle it is to harvest and eat edible herbs, fruits and vegetables right out of the back yard. On Sunday, I spent about an hour at the farmers market and Anawalt Lumber buying sprouts and small plants of kale, dill, heirloom tomatos, thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary, corn, strawberries, and lettuce, and some potting soil for the herbs, and then spent about 1 hour planting. I decided to move the herbs into pots near the back door of our house so we’ll be more inclined to remember to use them.

Boom… finished… Should be harvesting lettuce and strawberries really soon, and the rest later this summer… oh – and did I mention the taste of home grown stuff? INCREDIBLE!!

Really… if you don’t now, do yourself a favor, buy a few pots and start a little garden. It just takes the tiniest bit of effort and the payoff is huge!!

Oh – and here are some sites I’ve bookmarked that I like to refer to for my gardening. Square Foot Gardening, 10 Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make, YouTube Channel: The Small Town Gardener

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