Water – Essential for Athletes

Today’s Workout
12 x 3 Dynamic Deadlifts
– use chains or rubber bands
– wght on bar – 50-75% of 1RMI’ve had a couple strange injuries occur in the past week. I strained my right hamstring in hill sprints, and I’ve been experiencing shin splints. I haven’t had any injuries resembling these in many, many years. So I started thinking, why would I suddenly get shin splints? Nothing has changed… or has it? That’s when it dawned on me. I’ve slowly dropped my water consumption from about 3 liters per day (100 oz) at the beginning of the year to my current level, less than one liter. And what have I been drinking instead? Coffee! Even though I drink decaf, coffee has a NEGATIVE impact on the body’s level of hydration due to it’s diuretic effect. And for an athlete to be drinking less than 1 liter per day is simply SILLY! Proper hydration is important for so many functions of the body, it’s impossible to list them all here… your body is 70% water, after all.

So, as of yesterday, I’m holding myself accountable for drinking water each day… at least 3 liters. And I’m limiting my coffee to ONE Peet’s large (20 oz). I don’t know that it will cure my hamstring strain or shin splints, but it certainly won’t hurt. And who knows what injuries lurk around the corner that I could be fending off by doing something as simple as drinking H2O.

If you struggle with drinking enough water too, let me hear about it in comments… We can all hold each other to it!

Kenny – keep me AWAY from that stuff… please!

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