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I’ve noticed recently that during a short workout (less than 30 minutes), a lot of people stop to get a drink of water. I was wondering, does this actually do any good? Does that water get absorbed by the body and aid in performance prior to the end of the workout? So I went to google and spent about 20 minutes searching for information about the absorption speed of water, and you know what I found? NOTHING! So, here’s what I’ve experience and observed…

Drinking water during a workout that lasts less than 30 minutes gives you a great excuse to take a break. Are you thirsty? Probably. Do you really need the water? Absolutely not. Since you know you’re going to be finished in less than 30 minutes, suck it up. There’ll be time for water when you’re finished. Water sloshing around in your stomach may even slow you down from bloating and general discomfort!

If you’ve really GOT to do it, take a drink, slosh it around in your mouth, and spit it out. Otherwise, keep yourself in the game and say, “No Thanks” when you offer yourself water during a workout.

I’d love to hear your experience or thoughts…

Today’s Workout

Row 2,000m for time.



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