We Are Active Participants

In 2009, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. She studied telomerase and the enzymes that repair and lengthen damaged ends of chromosomes. Her main focus was on the finding that stress caused physiological damage. Dr. Blackburn studied women who were under chronic emotional stress because they were the main caretakers of children with autism or chronic diseases.  Her first major study was providing genetic evidence indicating that chronic emotional stress might shorten a woman’s life span. The study wasn’t an objective measure of stress as much as it was studying women’s perception of stress. The perception seemed to matter. Two women might be in compatible situations, but one had learned to manage her stress better by empowering herself and taking charge of her life, the other had let stress overwhelm her thus causing damage to herself not just emotionally, but physiologically.

Dr. Dean Ornish of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute and School of Medicine suggests: “What we eat, how we respond to stress, how much exercise we get, and perhaps most importantly, how much love and intimacy we have can make such a powerful difference in our health and well-being.”

He goes on: “What we found is that whole foods, moderate exercise, stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation, and learning to give and receive love more fully often reverse the progression of coronary heart disease, early stage prostate cancer, type-two diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, depression and other chronic diseases.”

Dr. Ornish found that just changing your lifestyle, including our outlook, changes your genes. Your genes! In men with prostrate cancer he found that making comprehensive lifestyle changes for only three months cause changes in over 500 genes concluding that our genes are our predisposition, but they are not our fate.

Reading these articles and studies over the weekend reinforces my belief — and hopefully yours — that we are active participants in our lives. Our perception, our thoughts, our actions — good or bad — hold power. Exercise your power for your best self. Live the life you want to live. Live it as optimally as you have control — and know you have much more control than you think.


Tuesday’s Workout

200m Row
10 Strict dips

B) EMOM 10
2 Power snatches

3-5 x 3 (~85-90%)

Wednesday’s Workout

10 Alt. Pistols
20 DB Snatches (55/40)

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