We Could All Use A Little Recovery…

We Could All Use A Little Recovery…

Next week is Recovery Week! Per usual, we are doing a Recovery Week every 4th week of the cycle (not including Test or Retest Weeks). We are trying something new this time and including four Practice Days during the week (typically there are no more than 3 Practice Days per week). Why? Well, the actual Recovery Days are the Practice Days, so any Competition or Mental Toughness Days during Recovery Week proceeds as normal. So with the addition of the fourth Practice Day this time, we get the opportunity for one more Recovery Day. Given the tough Labor Day workout this past Monday, the long Mental Toughness workout on Tuesday of this week, and the Hero WOD coming on Sunday for 9/11, this additional Recovery Day next week should be exactly what we need!

Wednesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

AMRAP 30, w/ partner
100 Squats (Partner holds squat)
50 Pushups (Partner holds plank)
400m Partner carry
–Switch at any time–

And Coming Thursday

3 RFQR (30s:90s)
Burpees to vertical jump

12 Lateral sit to stands
12 Kipping ring dips
12 Pivot reverses




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