We Held It Down!

This year’s Oak Park/CFLA holiday party was the best one I’ve been to yet — and I’ve been to 7 of them! The party went the longest it’s ever gone — by 2 hours. Matt Lai’s playlist was a hit. Shirley’s bartender was a hit. Jamie’s back-drop photo booth was a hit. Kenny’s gift was a hit. The desserts were awesome. And you guys are SO fun. Thank you for coming out in style and looking like a million bucks, too.

The staff holiday adventure is coming this Thursday. For those of you who don’t know or who have forgotten, Kenny takes the coaches out for some secret adventure every December (a tradition started by Andy) where we spend the whole car ride trying to guess what it is. It’s always fun and bonding, but it’s always during the day for a few hours so there will be no 12:30 class on Thursday. 

Keep enjoying your holiday season like we are!


Tuesday’s Workout

A) KB Complex
3-4 rounds:
8 KB deadlifts
8 Figure 8’s
8 Two-Arm KB Cleans
8 Figure 8’s
8 Hip halos (L)
8 Figure 8’s
8 Hip halos (R)
rest as needed between rounds (15-20min)

1:30 Runners lunge (R/L)
800m Run
25 Plank ups
1:30 Pec mobility (R/L)
800m Run
25 push up to side plank

Wednesday’s Workout

5 rounds FT
400m Run
10 Dead Lift (225/145) 50% of 1RM)

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