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A) 3 Rounds for Quality (RFQ) :45:15
Ring Row
Strict Ring Dips / Dips

B) 4 rounds on the 2:00
200m Run
2 Jerks (70-75%)


A) For Quality
1 DB Burpee, 1 DB Hang Squat Clean (55/40)
2 DB Burpees, 2 DB Hang Squat Cleans
3 DB Burpees, 3 DB Hang Squat Cleans…

B) EMOM 10
O: 1 Hang Power Snatch, 1 Hang Squat Snatch
E: Max effort set of clapping push-ups

C) 5 RFT
300m Row
:60 Plank Hold
An extraordinary thing happened yesterday during the “CrossFit Total” workout. I witnessed not just a couple PR’s, but tons of them. From early morning through noon class and into the evening, numbers on the board were frantically circled as PR’s. In the 9am women’s class alone, twenty out of twenty-one scores were circled. It’s not just extraordinary in terms of performance progress, but the energy in each class had a general exhilaration about them. There was a buzz, an underlying, neon joy that was undeniable, and undeniably CFLA.

This is just our way now. From the Open events on the weekend to days like today. This is exactly how we want to train and how we are learning to train. We love results, absolutely, but if the metrics are not coupled with a deeper emotional context then, seriously, what’s the point? Just so we can brag raw numbers? Just so we can one-up each other? Those reasons are only a shell of an experience. The ego-motivated experience is weak and shallow compared to the deep-rooted foundation we are building here. I love witnessing it. I love experiencing. And I’m so glad to be in this thing with all of you.

Now for the results of the Philanthropic Throwdown 14.2!
Here are the list of overall winners with their respective places in each category.

First Place Overall: Chalk, Sweat, Cheers (Spirit #2, Participation #2, Philanthropy #1, Performance #1)
Second Place: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Spirit #1, Participation #2, Philanthropy #4, Performance #2)
Third Place: 14.KickAss (Spirit #4, Participation #1, Philanthropy #2, Performance #3)
Fourth Place: Team Boomshakalaka (Spirit #3, Participation #1, Philanthropy #3, Performance #4)

Congratulations to everyone. Sunday was a blast. Remember, Philanthropic Throwdown 14.3 is back to Saturdays. Heat sign ups start at 11am, and the party starts at noon. Bring anyone you like to witness the true essence of the CFLA community.

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