We Missed This Boat, But More Are Coming.

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2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00:

“Up, Over, Around & Up”
– A distance variation on our beloved Franklin Hill Sprints


3 RFT:
10 Ground to shoulder 165/110
20 CTB pull-ups
100 Double unders

You guys, I was all excited to put the pedal to the metal on promoting Femme Royale on June 7 when I found out today that the event is now SOLD OUT. Hmpf. I think the only teams that registered are me and Maya, and Jennifer and Shirley. Double hmpf. I was so excited to do this with a huge group of women like we’ve done in the past. Seriously, how fun was it!? Maybe everyone thought it would be no big deal to get in like last time. Maybe June feels like a long time away …

Sometimes when the opportunity is there for the taking, you gotta just take it without hesitation — even when you’re nervous about doing the movements or when all those feelings of inadequacy show up. From experience, I know that those fears end up mattering far less than the overall experience of the event. Our teams matters. The fun matters. Tackling some fears and doing something hard matters!

I don’t know about you, but I miss a little friendly competition especially since the Open ended. I miss our teams, and the chants, and the camaraderie. I miss the butterflies and the feeling of complete exhilaration when it’s done and I’ve given it my all.

Here’s the deal: The next Femme Royale is scheduled for August 23rd in Huntington Beach. And I’d love to get a BIG group of women to represent CFLA. And maybe a bunch of our guys to come support? Mark it on your calendars, and as soon as I have registration info, I’ll forward it, and we’ll fill all the spots – and the stands. We’ll show them how CFLA does it!

Fellas, I know you’re chomping at the bit to compete again, too. Plans are finally coming together for the 1st Annual CFLA In-House Competition. We are shooting for early August. It will be partner-style, a men’s division, a women’s division, an RX division, and a Fun Division. Stay tuned for more info! (Butterflies commence!)

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In the end, it’s always about the love.



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