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Ever heard of “paralysis by analysis?” Do you ever think it’s possible to have too much information? Jennifer F. sent me a link the other day to a blog with links to over 25 web apps for dieting and getting in shape. At first I thought this is great – lots of good information. But when I started clicking on a few of the links today, I realized that there is so much information in EVERY one of these sites, that there’s no way I could possibly spend the time or energy needed to figure out which one of these is the best. However, WE can collectively! If you check out one or two of these sites, or have one that is a favorite, I’d love to hear about it from you – maybe we can all benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the entire community.

Jennifer & Alex go overhead with a tire.

Today’s Workout
9 – 15 – 21 rep rounds for time of:
Thrusters – 95 lbs
400m Run



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