Learn how to run?  Silly… how hard could THAT be?

Today’s Workout

Franklin Hill Repeats
6 sprints; Start each every 5 minutesThat’s exactly what I thought when I first considered going to a Brian MacKenzie CrossFit Endurance Seminar. Boy was I wrong. Most people learn how to run correctly (utilizing gravity as the driving force for propulsion forward) – when they’re 1 – 3 years old. You figure it out because it’s the method that works the best and what comes most naturally. Then, as you learn to run in athletic shoes, improve your balance (so that you never fall over) and get taller so that the idea of falling over becomes extremely un-appealing, you develop a new, less efficient and less risky method of running.

Modern day running shoes exacerbate the problem… allowing, even encouraging heel striking in the stride. It is possible to run correctly in modern day running shoes, but it takes time, practice and commitment. My first seminar was about 2 years ago… and I’ve been working on my running form ever since – having last worked with the founder of the Pose Method, Dr. Nicholas Romanov.

If you have an interest in running more efficiently, reducing any or all of your running discomfort or injuries, increasing your running speed, improving your CrossFit WOD times, then our Pose Seminar is time and money well spent. It’s an investment in your running technique and form that will last a lifetime.

Examples of Pose Running.

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