The problem with “Nice”

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Today’s Workout

Franklin Hill Sprints
To the 3rd street lamp (150m) x 3
To the 2nd street lamp (100m) x 3
– above 6 intervals start every 4 minutes
To the 1st street lamp (50m) x 3
– above 3 intervals start every 2 minutesNice. I hate nice. To me, when someone is “nice” they are putting a smile on and/or being pleasant in spite of how they truly feel, or what they really think or need to say. What does this lead to? Unclear communication. A lack of understanding. It leaves the deliverer feeling unfulfilled and gyps the receiver of the truth. It also communicates, albeit indirectly, that the deliverer is uncomfortable with both their own discomfort with the truth AND the receiver’s ability to hear anything other than a “nice version”.

You might think that I’m advocating being an ass… mean nasty, confrontational, or negative… or that I’m opposed to being pleasant, agreeable, energetic, enthusiastic or fun. Neither could be further from the truth. I believe that there is an alternative… communication that is direct, clear, concise, honest, respectful, committed, true to one’s self, without being nasty, and without sugar coating.

What’s this got to do with CrossFit? Well, “Globo Gym Fitness” is nice…

Randal – focused, determined, committed



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