Being Strong

Today’s Workout

20-to-2 by 2’s (20-18-16…) for time of:
Hollow Rocks
Handstand Hold
Leg Circles
Arch UpsWhat does it take to “be strong”? Is it something you’re just born with? When I first started CrossFitting, I could dead lift 175 lbs three times (I didn’t even know my one rep max). Now, 6 years later, I’m up over 400 pounds. Is that strong? For me… absolutely… And is it important? Well, without it, there is a gaping hole in your fitness, one that can’t be filled any way other than lifting heavy.

Now I’m no strongman, or world record holder, nor do I have any “secrets” that got me where I am, however, when I look my steady improvements, there are a few things I’ve done that have contributed to my steady progress that I’d like to share with you. As you’re reading, start thinking about your strength work and how you got where you are, or plan to improve going forward. Then share with us in comments.

1. Show up. Strength days are NOT days to skip (even though they might not really feel like a workout)!
2. Be consistent. Although I haven’t made it the focus of my training, I don’t think 2 weeks has ever gone by without a strength workout.
3. Don’t be in a hurry. The progression from an immature to mature squat is 3-5 years… Strength does not usually come quickly.
4. Lots of variety. Strength days, CrossFit days, gymnastic days, metcon days. With variety like this, my improvements in strength have been slower than they could have been had I specifically focused on it (in one 13-month period, I did no heavy dead lifting and my PR went from 395 to 405… an increase at least, but not much.) However, variety for me means that it stays fun… and Fun = Variety = Showing Up = Consistency.

That’s my formula… what about you?

Strong is beautiful! Right, Emily?!

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