Friends and Family

Friends and Family

Today’s Skill
Push Ups & Pull Ups

Today’s Workout
“CFLA Kids Baseline”
250m row
25 squats (to a target if in question)
20 sit ups
15 push ups (knees)
10 pull ups (jumping)

Today’s Game
2-3 Attempts at Events on the LeaderboardKids love having fun with their friends and when fitness is fun, like it is at CrossFit Kids LA, then kids love working out with their friends! If you are a member of CFLA Kids, your child is welcome to bring a friend to class. We love meeting your child’s friends and introducing them to what we do. And, it turns out, that even those siblings that pretend they can’t stand each other at home like working out together, too. So, please remember, friends and family are always welcome to accompany your child to one class as a guest!

Sandra and Eli listen to instruction on the front squat.



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