Core Strength

Today’s Skill
Medicine Ball Clean

Today’s Workout
As man rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
50m run
7 medicine ball cleans
7 wall balls

Today’s Game
Animal Walk Relay RacesCore strength is something that is stressed regularly in fitness programs for adults. Sometimes I think it is used so much for marketing that people may not even be sure what it really means. What does core strength mean for children and how to we make it happen? Well, it turns out we don’t even need weights to help children develop core strength. If we ask a child to stomp their feet hard, then stand up straight and press their arms to the sky and imagine they’re holding up a heavy object…guess what they do? They automatically tighten their core! With practice it becomes second nature and the children will automatically do it when they are older and working with weights.

Jack holds up the sky!



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