Week 12 Preview and Priority

Week 12 Preview and Priority

This is the last week of training for Cycle 5.  “Shirley Brown” opens the week with some of her favorite movements. Then we have a few practice days, a challenging Mental Toughness day (Thanks OPT) that combines 100% effort AND pacing (yes, that thang o thang we’ve been working on).  To wrap the cycle we have a ‘lil fun from our very own hoppa pulled by the 6am class. 


Monday’s Workout

“Shirley Brown”

5 Rounds for Total Time:
33 Box jumps w/ step-down (24/20)
33 RKBS (24/16)
10 OHS (115/85)
10 Pullups
**Rest exactly 3min between rounds**

And Coming Tuesday

A) 3 RFQ
300m Run
20 Wallballs (20/14)
5 Sucka-Punch-Foo’s

B) 3×3 Press (+2 / +5) (15 min)

C) EMOM 10
O: 3 Hang Power Clean



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