Week 6: #shirtsareajailcell

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Here’s the breakdown:

Monday – Working the kip.  Spine needs to be bendy and shoulders open. Prep for it. Second you’ll be using the barbell to condition – respect your forearms, hammies and low back by mobilizing (and for goodness sake keep your middle tiiiiight!).  

Tuesday – Good, honest Mental Toughness Day.  Show your “Grit.” Reasons to stop on this one are things like you’re mind going, “This is hard, I should stop.”  You do crossfit, you can handle it.

Wednesday – 20 Front Squats.  For many this is starting to become very upper body. Work upper body mobs and stabilization while warming up – make this a habit and you’ll juicy dividends.  Also, you’ll be carrying the Sand Bags a long way if you’re upper body and midline are not “alert,” you’ll do too much work.

Thursday – Bench after DU’s.  Don’t let your ego get ahead of you.  Knocking out 3-5 reps ain’t what we are asking for.  Use a weight that you can stick 7 or more times.  Pay attention to finer details of the gymnastic part of this workout.

Friday – Competition day.  It’s a good one.  Bring your A Game, and show us that you remember Pistols from last quarter and knock some modestly heavy power cleans out the box.




Monday’s Workout

A) Kipping pull-up skill practice

B) Variation on “Cosgrove’s Evil 8”
     3 Rounds for quality and speed:
5 Deadlifts
5 Romanian deadlifts
5 Bentover rows
5 Power cleans
5 Front squats
5 Push presses
5 Back squats
5 Good mornings
**Hold onto bar during each round**
**Rest 90sec between each round**

C) 2 Rounds for quality reps on the 6:00
     2:15 Row
     :45 T&G DL (≤45%)


And Coming Tuesday
Mental Toughness

10 Rounds For Time (RFT):
     10 Burpees
     10 Pull-ups
     50 DU
     200m Run

**40min cap**



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