A weekend of Crushing it!

The weekend heat didn’t stop our own Matt Doss, Alek Edwards, Rachel Berman and Monica Arteche from crushing the LA Marathon!  Nor did it stop Adrien De Tray, Pete Mann and dozens of others from shredding body fat, sticking to tough standards and flat out crushing the WLC.  And then of course, The Open – Arjun, Chris White and Tanya just deciding to put on booster packs of inspiration and PR over and over and over.   And although I am a die hard PM’er I gotta give love to the Morning Missiles and the intro with Sgt. Woogene Lee’s march of hilarity.  Man I love this place.


Monday’s Workout

A) Back squat (Use 90% of 1RM + 8-20lb as 1RM)
75% x 5
80% x 5
85% x 5+

B) 4 RFR (:30:30)
Thrusters (50-55%)
Toes to bar
Box jumps

Tuesday’s Workout

A) Sots press
3 x 5 Working up as heavy as quality allows

500m Row
2min Rest
40 Wallballs
2min Rest
30 Kipping CTB Pullups
2min Rest
20 Deadlifts (55%)



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