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Take a looksie at the video.

Monday – The barbell is your friend. Lot’s of heavy lifting today – QUALITY LIFTING. The Bear Complex can crush you if the ‘ol Ego comes to play.  Think about your quality lines.  Come early to mobilize your forearms, lats, and traps. 

Tuesday – Competition day that we did back in Feb.  Hopefully, you lifted intelligently Monday so you are able to come back and play ball with this burner of a workout. Plantar fascia, achilles, hammies, low back all work together when pulling from the floor – handle that and the workout is your puppet.

Wednesday – If you’ve been in my class or watched the video you know what we are looking for out of our kipping population – control the middle! Capture and a healthy kip is yours. Don’t… well let’s just say there might be a shoulder problem down the road…

Thursday – Sand baggin’ and bench pressin’!  On the bench remember to split (on the way down) and bend the barbell (on the way up).

Friday – What can I say?  “Niki” had to make a comeback! It’s a great competition day workout.  Enjoy.



Monday’s Workout

A) 20 Front squats (+2%)

B) AMRAP 10 for quality
     75 DU
     10 Sandbag ground to shoulder

C) 3 Rounds for quality of “Bear Complex”
     7 Circuits
     1 Power clean
     1 Front squat
     1 Push press
     1 Back squat
     1 Push press (from rear rack)
**Hold onto bar though all 7 circuits of each round**
**3min rest between rounds**


And Coming Tuesday

3 RFT:
500 Row
15 DL (225/155)
20 Lateral bar over burpees

**See 2/11/14 for results




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