“Weight” Lifting

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Today’s Skill
Medicine Ball Clean

Today’s Workout
5 rounds:
1 minute – Row, for distance
1 minute – Medicine Ball Cleans, max reps
1 minute rest

Today’s Game
Red Light, Green LightSometimes parents are concerned about weight lifting when it comes to their children. What we have found is, with younger children, there is so much capacity for neurological development, that not much weight is required. Simply put, children have so much potential for growth and improvement, that the stimuli required to provoke that growth is very little. We use “weights” like PVC pipes, 3 to 5 pound dumbbells, and 4 to 8 pound medicine balls for our workouts. This allows children to learn the movements, but without undue stress on their growing bodies. Once they reach their early teen years, then we can start adding heavier weights and they will already have an excellent foundation in proper form.

Kelsey learns how to “weight lift” with a PVC pipe.



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