Welcoming Our Fundamentals Graduates


For Time:
25 DL 275/185
500 Row
25 DB Thrusters 35/20
25 CTB pull ups
**8 min cut off – scale accordingly – all movements should be 2:00 or less.
DL wt. less than 70% 1RM, thrusters should be less than 50% of 1RM



“Memorial Day Murph”

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Parcel up reps how you want, scale as you need.
Tribute starts at 8am, heats shortly thereafter.
Sign up on the heat sheet in the main gym.
**REMEMBER, NO REGULAR CLASSES THAT DAY**Pretty soon you guys will start seeing more and more CFLA Fundamentals graduates trickling into class. If you recall, we’ve changed how members start their journey here at CFLA. After the intro — and before they can join group classes — new members now attend a series of very specific private sessions programmed to get athletes much more prepared for class and CrossFit. These Fundamental students will probably feel a lot more confident and ready than a lot of you did when you first started. But that’s the point! We want new members to feel less intimidated and more familiar with all the fun stuff we do around here.

Graduating from these Fundamental privates and joining us in our sacred space (class) inevitably has become a big deal. And we know you guys will help welcome them and celebrate them as they acclimate to the group fun.

The first of our Fundamentals graduates are: Tom Gehring, Mark Larranaga, Rachael Berman, Briana Harris, Chris Terhune, and Ernie “Machete” Hurtado. We have a few more on their heels, going through Fundamentals right now. Make sure you say hi, introduce yourselves, and congratulate them on the start of a great ride.

CrossFitLA Image
Adriane practicing her pacing.

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