We’re Having a Book Drive – Plus, a Little on the WLC

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Can you believe it’s December already? Me neither. As we gear up for the Holiday Party, — which is just around the corner — we are having a book drive. We will start collecting books Dec 1st — new or gently used — for Access Books an organization that distributes books to disadvantaged communities that don’t have much assess to a good school library, and to kids who don’t own a book for themselves.

In lieu of the white elephant gift exchange at the holiday party, we’re bringing books! There will be a bin in the Tall Room on Monday night, Nov 30 and we will collect until Dec 15th. Books much be age-appropriate for grades K-5; no adult books please so save your autographed copy of 50 Shades of Grey for your mom.

I know it’s just December, but I have to talk about something starting January 16 … the Whole Life Challenge! We only play this together as a big event one time of year – and January 16th is it. CFLA is where the WLC all began, when years ago Andy and Michael experimented on us like lab rats 🙂 to help turn the WLC into the transformative, polished, world-wide game that it is today. We’re all about enjoying the holidays, but just keep in mind that come mid January, we’re going to kick our nutrition and mobility and everything else that contributes to optimal health into high gear; and we’ll do it together as a big, supportive community. Early registration has begun if you’d like to get yourself on the hook now, as I have. Log in HERE. It’s nice, too, to take advantage of the early reg discounts.


Tuesday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

“Long Way Down”

40 DU
10 DB Manmaker (45/30)

Wednesday’s Workout
Mini Cycle – Practice

2min Row for Cal
2min Agility Ladder
–1min Rest between rounds–

B) 4 RFQ (:30:30)
Ring rows
KB Swings
Squat Snatches (60%)



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