We’re Talking About Fun Again

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A) 4 RFQ on the 3:00
300m Row
12 Jumping Lunges
**Scale to finish each round in 2:00**

B) Pistol Skill Practice (10 min)

C) 3×5 Press (+2 / +5) (15 min)

D) 12-9-6
Deadlifts (62.5-67.5%)
Strict CTB Pull-ups
**5 min cutoff**


A) In 20 minutes, complete
3×3 BS (+2 / +5)

B) 3 Rounds for quality time (RFQT) on the 7:00
5 T&G Power Clean & Jerk (60-65%)
800m Run
12 Strict CTB Pullups

I had my first job at eight. My second at eleven. Having a job gave me freedom and independence – bought me stuff my mom couldn’t — but I was conditioned early that life was about putting your head down and grinding. You plug away and survive. Pay those bills, and hustle hard to get stuff done. I come from a long line of workers and survivors, which meant I witnessed early on that fun was a luxury and life was to be endured. The rich enjoyed life, and I was not cut of that cloth. I was meant to work – and endure and stress.

This sound silly compressed into a single paragraph that describes how I lived the majority of my life. Yet it has taken me a good many years to pry through this iron-clad, fear-driven mentality. Sometimes it still feels counterintuitive to think otherwise, and I have to fight twinges of guilt when applying my newest life motto: Just have fun for god’s sake – life is meant to be FUN.

In theory, I already knew this. Who doesn’t know this! I would tell myself that I would fully enjoy myself just as soon as I … finished this last piece of paperwork or took that last phone call or ran that last errand, cleaned that last dish, made just a little bit more money per year. And I always got those things done and even clawed my way up a corporate ladder to make so much more money than I thought was possible – and the stress never eased. The grind never, ever let up.

I did an experiment a couple years ago that has proved to be one of the most beneficial of my life. After I was laid off from my big-shot job and I felt my world would crumble around me, in a moment of brilliant clarity I gave myself permission to not worry about money. Before this permission, the strangle-hold of financial stress was almost too much to bear. Yet here’s what happened: It all worked out. I can’t even say in detail how, it just did. The rent got paid, the girls didn’t go hungry, and I personally felt a four-decade, rusted weight loosen its grip from my spirit. Even when everything was ok, I had to fight the urge daily to not stress about it – like I wasn’t being a good adult unless everything worried me.

When I got the hang of that, I took another bold step that seemed kinda wrong: I let myself have fun. I mean, all the time. Every day. Even at my job. Even when I don’t have much in terms of material wealth. And you know what? It all worked out – in spades. The fun is so much more fun that I imagined fun to be! Go figure.

Don’t wait any longer to release the grip of stress. Don’t wait for fun to come to you. I’m telling you from experience. Have your moment of brilliant clarity. And let yourself be happy.

Speaking of fun, tonight Wednesday June 4 is CFLA Comedy Night! I can’t wait. You can buy tickets during class all day today or you can buy tickets at the door. $10. Show begins at 8pm. Just remember: there is no 7:30pm class so we can enjoy the show. See you tonight.

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Franklin Hill. As CFJ says, “It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.”



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