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Today’s Workout

– At the start of class, one person draws a card from the CFLA SmackDown deck.
– The chosen card corresponds to a workout – that is the class’ WOD.
– NO card is a “safe.”
– BEWARE of the dreaded “Double Downs!”Some of you may have noticed over the past week the onslaught of PRs (personal records) and Benchmark workouts being done both before and after classes. This flurry of activity got generated because anyone nominated for the team had to get all their benchmark and personal record numbers in for “the vote.” Here’s how we selected: Kevin B. comp all the numbers in one big spreadsheet. We sent this out to all nominees, Regional Qualifiers (Ingrid & Shirley), and about 5 interested members of the community. Each of these people got to vote for their top 5 men and top 5 women. The result is listed below… CONGRATULATIONS to all our athletes (6 of which will be representing CFLA at the Regional Qualifiers in May)!

Men: Zach, Louie, Andy, Michael, Kenny
Women: Becca, Jennifer, Leslie, Tanya, Cheri, Naz
– note: Naz & Cheri were tied for the last spot, and rather than cutting one of them, we kept them both!

Alyssa gets her FIRST muscle up!!



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