What a Weekend!

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Take 135 of the fittest humans in Southern California, put them all in one place, at one time, and what do you get? The CrossFit Games Regional Qualifiers. Wow. It was a spectacular event – well run, organized, attended, cheered, judged, timed, planned, coordinated, sponsored… wow. Big kudos to Steve & Denise Serrano of CrossFit Marina for putting the whole thing on – and to Jeff and Mikki Martin of CrossFit Brand X for heading up the team of excellent judges! And to all the CrossFit coaches and trainers who gave up their weekend to volunteer as judges and time-keepers – that includes our own CFLA coaches Becca and Michael – Thank You! Last, and certainly not least, many thanks to those of you from CFLA that attended – Alyssa, Eddie, Heayn, Val, Vanessa, Sondra, Mike V., Lenora, Traver, Ryan V., Marin, Denise, Raad, Matt, Kiki, Amy, Ben, Brent, Jennifer S., and Julia – while competing is fun, it makes it all the more meaningful and worth-while when friends are there to cheer you on. Thanks for being there for all of us!


And what about the competition?????

Well – you’ll have to ask the others – Burch, Jonesy, Jeff, Zeb, Dawn, Shirley, Gretchen and Cheri – about their experience… they were ALL spectacular. A big shout out to Shirley – she was our top female finisher, taking 8th place for the women! Congrats, Shirley! For me, it was nothing short of amazing! I went in with no expectations, and came out of the weekend in 3rd place… and qualifying for the CrossFit Games! You can read about it and get the actual results here, and more here. Lots of stories to tell – too many for this one blog post, but I will say this, I am so grateful of our CFLA community – you are what makes this thing go, what makes it all worth while and what pushes me, personally, to be my very best day after day after day. I was the oldest qualifier by a LONG SHOT (“ancient” as one of the other guys told me) and am extremely happy that at this ripe “old” age of 42, I’m still able to hold my own. Thank you all for being a part!


We’ll have lots more photos up in our Flickr pages this coming week. Watch for them.

Today’s Workout
Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
5 rounds for time of:
30” HS Hold
30” Flexed arm hang
– accumulate a total of 30″ of each position per round.



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