What are the odds?

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Z asked me a question during our team trails last weekend. “Andy, what are the odds of me actually finishing the next workout within the time parameters.” I told him that for me to make a bet of $10, I’d have to get back $1,000, because, quite frankly, I have my doubts. Z used that info to fuel him, to energize and motivate himself. He went on a mission to prove me wrong. The next morning, he showed up with 100:1 written on his hand (that’s what he’s pointing to in the photo) – and damn if he didn’t do it – with about 1 minute to spare! The question for you – what are your odds? And if you ask that question and get a real answer, do you let it depress you, or fuel you? Thoughts?

PS – Check out the video (thanks Chris Devlin) from our Tabata This! Challenge on the CrossFit.com main site today – you’re all famous!


Today’s Workout

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
200 single unders
20 burpees
20 db thrusters (45# / 30#)



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