What do you call…

Back in the day, when I was teaching martial arts, the proper way to refer to an instructor was by using the formal “Mr.” or “Miss/Mrs.”. It was a sign of respect the instructor had earned. Regardless of the age of the person I would refer to them by their proper sir name.

When I visited San Francisco CrossFit, Kelly and his team referred to each other as “Coach”. They did this not in an ironic manner, like “Wot up Coach?” but out of respect. I found this interesting because, honestly, that act of showing respect is of a bye-gone era. It’s also interesting to me to find it in an environment with tattoos, Pukie the mascot and the Navy SEALs but here it was. And it felt right.

How do you make sure you show respect to your Coaches in front of your clients?

Enjoy this motivational set of tunes.

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