What does it all get you?

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A) Front Squat
3×3 (+2-5)

B) EMOM 8:
2 Jerks (1 power, 1 split) for quality every minute

C) 5 RFT w/ exactly 1 min. rest between rounds:
10 Strict Pull ups
10 cal Row
10 Ring Dips
100m Run


A) Snatch – 20 Min to work a quality single

B) 4 RFR (Rounds for Reps – total score) :30:30
:30 Burpees
:30 Row for Cals
:30 Pushups
:30 DB jerks
:30 Hollow rocksIf you’re a member of this community, you’ve got at least one small part of your life under development all of the time. Each of you pushes physical development regularly, both coming to the gym and maybe even paying pretty close attention to what you eat – even if it’s just some of the time.

Outside of that, many of you’ve got all sorts of personal development going on – from right here with the members of IDAMP, our coaching mentoring program here at CFLA, to those of you that put yourselves into spiritual, leadership, professional, and creative development programs. Each one of you has a life under construction. How often do you stop and check in with what it’s all for?

When you dedicate yourselves to something day to day, you can sometimes forget to step back and get a big picture perspective. You’ll get focused on the particular thing that you’re working on right now and maybe not see the impact this is all having on your life, your family, your friends, and the people and world around you. There’s nothing wrong with being present, and you might want to take some time now and then to stand back from the part that you’re building and take in the whole thing.

What’s there that wasn’t before? What are you excited about or proud of? What can you pat yourself on the back for? What difference have you made because of your efforts? And how does all of this compare to what you might be seeing in the moment-to-moment view? You might be surprised. Some people can be diligent and laser focused on something and when they step back they see that nothing else around them is working, that things are falling apart in areas of their life they’ve neglected. Someone else might be hyper critical of themselves and only aware their “mistakes,” and fail to see that what they’re doing has created a world beyond their imagination.

It’s worth it to ask yourself what it all gets you. Is it what you wanted? Are you doing things because you think you’re supposed to, or because you’ve become attached to them and don’t know how to let go? You might find out something exciting. It could be that it’s gotten you a lot more than you even planned for. Commitment has a funny way of doing that. Work on what you know you want, become clear on the things that matter, develop who you want to become, and often times you’ll get much more than you bargained for/

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