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2X, 2:1
In Teams of 2, accumulate as many points as possible. Teams work 2 mins on one movement dividing work as needed, rest 1 minute then move on to next movement.

Wall Balls (20/14)= 2 pts per rep
DU’s 3 reps per point OR 7 singles equal 1 point
Sit to stands = 2 pts per rep
(Adv) Rope climbs = 6 pts per rep OR Beg & Int Pullups = 2 pts a rep
Slam Balls (15/10) = 2 pts per rep


A) 5x
:30 Arch Hold
:30 Hollow Hold
:30 Push-ups
:30 Double Unders
:30 RKBS
:30 Rest
B) Back Squat 1×20 (+5)It was almost 2 years ago when my writing partner, Roy Wallack, came to me (actually, he left me a voice mail) to pitch me the idea of writing a book. He said, “Andy… I’ve got this idea – that a book needs to be written about high intensity exercise… and I think you’re just the guy to write it.” I half laughed, and pretty much blew it off – not even calling him back. I thought, Me? Write a book? What do I have to say that is different than anyone else has said? And who would want to listen? And I definitely don’t have the time – running two businesses, being in graduate school full time, and being a dad. No way.

And then, we did. Write the book, that is. And now… 20 months later… I just received my first copies. Wow. Yes, it’s real. How do I know? Because, there it is, in full color, staring me in the face. How in the world did I do this? Where did the time come from? How did I create the space in my already full life? How did I figure out what to say? Looking back on it now, I really don’t know how I did it. Seems now like it would have been completely impossible.

What I do know is that it definitely would not have happened had I not thrown caution to the wind, set aside my fears, left the safety of my own ‘front porch’, and taken a step out into the unknown by asking the question, “What if… ?”

Fire Your Gym is available on Amazon.com for pre-order. For all of you that read this blog and who already CrossFit, there are lots of nuggets in it that will be useful for your training and development. And for any of your friends that don’t CrossFit – it’s is a great training program for them to start with.

Oh – and if you’ve got a dream of your own – something for which you’ve convinced yourself that you couldn’t possibly do, the next time you think about it, try starting your sentence with “What if… ?” Who knows what might happen. After all, it worked for me…

First batch of books have arrived!



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