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I recently was made aware of an affiliate closing and going out of business so I thought this is something the community should know since you won’t find anything about it anywhere else. It wasn’t one major problem… they didn’t get sued, there wasn’t a fire… it was many small things that happened daily.

So, it’s out there… what can we learn from it?

Out of respect for the affiliate I am keeping their identity to myself however I will speak to what I knew about the first-hand information they told me. It is actually kinda simple in explanation. They had major difficulties finding clients and had a big problem keeping the ones they did find.

Why should this matter to you? Because if you look at your numbers of new clients and they are fewer than the number of departing clients you need to act quickly. and when I say quickly anything you do today has a window of return, meaning you’re actually working for 60-90 days out because nothing has “immediate” effect on business. You can’t just flip a switch and, presto, change your business. This analysis requires you to resist the thinking “oh, that person will be returning because of…” if they are not active they don’t count.

Look back 6 months in your records and compare the new client numbers to the lost client numbers. If you have 2 months or more where you are in a deficit memorize the book RAVING FANS by Kenneth Blanchard.

Although the following video isn’t about CrossFit but there is valuable info in it.

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