What is SEXY? Women I need your help!

Actually I should have put the title “what is athletic?” in the title but you may not have even started to read this now…

So this comes from our article in Muscle and Fitness and several women in the gym asked “why not get Muscle and Fitness (Hers) to do an article on the women athletes of Petranek Fitness?” My answer was that the editorial perspective for that magazine is for things that the people of Crossfit don’t do… we don’t do abercisers, yoga, spinning, concentration curls with dumbbells (pink colored or otherwise) and we don’t advocate using “diet products” to attain that desired “beach body.” We do do exercises that involve the full body, working from the core to the extremities. The “beach body” is a by-product of performance and nutrition.

So I want to know what the women who read my blog think about the female athletes in the two videos below and pick up the latest issue of SHAPE or MUSCLE AND FITNESS – HERS. Do you think those women in the video are what you want to model for your own goals or is it the women in the magazines? And more importantly tell me why and don’t hold back if you have a strong opinion one way or another.

BTW – The 13 minute video LINK is worth watching until the very end.


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