What Is This Feeling In My Muscles?

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Today’s Skill
Wall Ball

Today’s Workout
5 rounds:
50m run
15 box jumps
15 wall balls

Today’s Game
Tug o’ WarIt can be a little confusing to have sore muscles when you’re a kid. You’ve probably never been sore before…you might not even have sweat very much before…now suddenly you’re soggy and breathing hard and you’re not sure what’s happening. Then the next morning, you go to get out of bed and everything hurts! What’s happening?

A lot of children experience this confusion when they first start exercising or playing sports with intensity. Let your children know that keeping moving, stretching and drinking water will help them feel better. Also, let them know this is totally NORMAL, there is NOTHING wrong with how they are feeling. In fact, it just means they worked really hard!

We, as coaches, are also here to chat with the kids about this…or any other issue that may come up for you and your children in regards to their health and fitness. Please encourage them to come to us with questions. We are eager to help them out and provide guidance and support.

Isabella is in charge!



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