What separates most from being good (average) to being great?

What separates most from being good (average) to being great?

The biggest difference between great businesses and good businesses, IMHO, is what happens daily on a small scale. It’s making one more “thank you” call to a client who referred a potential new client to you. Or, possibly, it could be making sure you greet your clients as they enter your gym instead of hiding in the office until RIGHT before class is supposed to start. The implications are far reaching… perhaps greater than you understand in that specific moment. In my experience the professional “muscles” that get worked daily, with the above mentioned items, will be seen months and years later. By holding yourself to that higher standard, like you do the standards of pull ups, OH squats, etc. you’ll find you’re business will grow with hardly any effort at all.

This video, provided by Leo at CrossFit Evolution, speaks volumes to this very subject.





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