what word best describes you at the end of a WOD?

Today’s Workout
Complete with a partner in order with only one person working at a time:
100 box jumps (20)
100 KB swings(24/16)
100 situps (partner anchored)
4-200m runsIf you’ve seen the photos on our site, you’ve seen his work. Carlos and ‘Great Photos’ have become synonymous at CFLA… and about 3 weeks ago, he approached me with an idea for a project that involves all of you, our members. What follows is a letter from Carlos explaining his whole concept. If you want to take part, let us know!

My name is Carlos and I Am Proud. I’ve come to know the CrossFit Los Angeles community very well over the last 3 years and shared many memories inside and outside of the box. As a result of my exposure to CFLA I’ve developed a real passion for capturing still images. If you don’t know me, you have probably seen me running around taking photos during class times. Yep. I’m the guy getting in your face capturing what I hope is the true emotion of your experience. Several months ago I snapped a photo of someone who had just completed a particularly brutal workout. I looked onto the playback screen to check some of my settings. The image was nothing spectacular, but what instantly caught my eye was the expression on the student’s face after completing the workout. It was a mixture of accomplishment and exhaustion. I looked around the room as others completed their workouts and paid close attention to their expressions. To my wonderment everyone showed me their own unique experience. I saw someone happy to be finished with the pain, another sat silently stoic and heck one person was simply attempting to regain their breath. I sat for a minute truly admiring what each person was telling me through their facial expressions. Many of them I did NOT know at all and yet I understood what they were going through.

And so birthed an idea that I’m calling my “I Am CrossFit” Portrait Series. For a two week period I will be coming into the gym during specific classes to photograph students after they’ve completed their workouts. Unlike the past I’m stepping things up a notch in a new way. As each student completes their workout they would be asked to IMMEDIATELY come over to where I’m set up to shoot their portrait in the tall room. This means no falling to the ground or sitting on a box but coming directly to me. The shot is quite simple really. You will be asked to sit on a stool and let me capture your post workout “expression” if you will. You can do whatever you want. Smile, laugh, or simply attempt to regain your breath. I will not be giving you any direction, besides sit and stare at the camera. As such these will not be “beauty” shots but raw representations of everything you just went through. Each student will then be asked to “fill in the blank” on the following statement “I Am ________” in relation to how they feel about themselves as a CrossFit athlete in that very moment. This statement would be incorporated in some way visually as part of the portrait.

My intention for the photographs will be used as part of a Black and White Portrait book series I’m developing of CrossFitters from all over the country in post workout phase. In every instance I would require those interested to sign a release waiver granting me permission to use the photographs for the purposes of my photography and this book.

What I need help with to start this project are subjects. YOU. The students of CFLA, whether I know you or haven’t even met you yet, in order to make it happen. If you are interested we will be posting a flyer with the schedule of dates (between January 23rd and February 4th) I will be shooting and a sign up sheet posted in the main room. Simply sign up and show up to that class. The process should take no longer than five minutes. I really look forward to seeing your “faces”!

If you are interested in some of my other work you can check out my website at http://www.krop.com/migueltapiaphotography

An example of Carlos’ work at CFLA

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