Whatever you think you’re worth will reflect in your rates.

Don’t believe me… let’s see what Coach Glassman has to say about it. The following excerpt is taken from the CrossFit.com Affiliate blog Oct. 13th. 2009

“Imagine you’re a new affiliate: How do you figure out your prices?

Imagine you’re an established affiliate: How do you know when it’s time to raise prices?”

Posted by Lisbeth at October 13, 2009 12:05 AM

“This is an important conversation. Your personality and confidence will play a strong role in a) what you will charge, b) what you’ll feel like asking, and c) whether you’ll get it or not.

I always made sure that I was charging considerably more than the average training rate and made sure that the margins by which my training was better than average were even greater. To wit, when the average trainer was making $40/session, Lauren and I were charging $75/session, but we figured that was a bargain because our training was three times more effective and fun. I also never raised the rate on a client, ever, but extracted ever increasing amounts from newcomers. My clients locked into a rate for a lifetime. Early adoption/support had it’s rewards. I generally kept my rates about 50% above the regional mode (by dead-reckoning).

In the traditional non-CF gym model the memberships of the super committed are in effect subsidized by the large number of gym members who do not go to the gym but continue to pay. That’s not our business model. You want to look not at what gym membership at Gold’s, Balley’s, or Spectrum costs but the average take per client of their trainers. On the basis of that comparison our average CF affiliate monthly fee of $150 is a steal, and those are the clients you want – people who want to be trained.

I’d rather be the most expensive CF trainer in a demographic region than the least expensive – by far. The guy undercharging the market is making a statement about his worth that I’d never make.

These are my opinions.”

Comment #11 – Posted by: Coach at October 13, 2009 4:26 PM

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