I’ve Got a Secret

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I have a secret. It’s a bad one. I mean in the CrossFit world, it violates the very tenets we swear to. It shakes the foundations of what we believe. It could get my membership card revoked. What is it?
I’ve been doing bicep curls recently. And dumbbell flys. And lat pulldowns. This is not some ironic attempt to stir the pot. It’s all true. Why, you might ask, would I do such a thing? Why would I stand up to the methodology of functional movement and the anti-isolation camps? Because I wanted to, that’s why. I’m vain. Who’s not?
See, my brother asked me not too long ago if I’d help him out. He’s been doing CrossFit for a few years, paid some functional dues. And there are results he wants that he’s not getting. Is that so wrong? I mean we’re all after results, right? He wants some that CrossFit hasn’t provided. I thought about it. There are things that I built up before I got into CrossFit. Who am I to shun those who want the same things?
Isolation and bodybuilding have become dirty words. But who cares? It’s not like were gonna all of a sudden not be in shape. We’re hanging out, having fun, doing totally bro-ish things, using mirrors and (gasp!) machines, working out real slow – for like an hour and a half. We mosey. We don’t run between stations. We check our phones and even text between sets. It’s pretty awesome.
Don’t get me wrong – I love CrossFit. I won’t stop doing it. If I did that I’d also fail to get the results I want. But I also love chesticles. I know we’re not the only ones out there. Who else has a secret? Who else breaks CrossFit law and can admit they like to look at themselves once in a while during their workout? Reveal your non-CrossFit secret here in comments!

Thursday’s Workout

“Paul Light”
5 Rounds For Time:
50 Double Unders
35 Knees To Elbow
100m Overhead Plate Walk (45/35)
And Coming Friday

“The Pulling Doss”
10 Rounds For Time:
200m Run
15 Squats
5 Pull Ups




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