What’s for dinner on Saturday?

Today’s Workout

Quickness Drills
– 20 minutes
Strict Press 5-5-5+
Wendler C4/W1
65%, 75%, 85%
3 rounds
Pull-Ups, dead hang max reps
– take as much time between rounds as necessary As the end of the Whole Life Challenge nears, many of us will go back to some of the things that we’ve gone without for the past 8 weeks… for me, those things include ice cream, bacon, pizza, Naz’ cream puffs, cake, chips, pasta, bread. One of the things not on my list is soda… I’m OFF of that, hopefully, for good, thanks in part to my sparkling water maker (www.sodastreamusa.com). I don’t anticipate slipping back to eating grains and dairy in the quantities I used to, but without the structure of the challenge to hold me accountable, I will definitely not be as rigorous to these eating rules.

I’m curious… what are some of the things you look forward to eating again? What are you NOT going to eat again in spite of the end of the challenge?

Rowing class meets every Tuesday night at 7:00pm with Emily. Check it out!

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