What’s In Your Gear Bag?

Today’s Workout

Squat Snatch (95/65)
Dead Hang Pull Ups
PistolsOr maybe I should start with the question, “Do you have a gear bag?” If you were going to play golf, you would bring all your clubs and equipment, right? And if you go to play tennis, you bring your rackets. I know when I go to my martial arts classes, I have a giant bag full of every possible piece of gear – shin guards, gloves, mouth-guard, tape, hand wraps, jump rope, etc, etc. I would not imagine going to class without all those things, just in case the need arose. I know and accept that it is my responsibility, and to my benefit as a student, if I bring those items to each class. They are all tools that are going to aid in my progress and performance.

But, as a CrossFit coach, I frequently see students come to class unprepared. Hand grips are forgotten, the jump rope is in your other car, and you hope that maybe someone left a half used roll of tape somewhere in the room so you do not have to buy your own. Is that the way to set yourself up for good results? Are you going to get your best pull up practice if you are distracted by your lack of hand grips? Are you going to get your heaviest overhead squat if you have not taped your wrists? Probably not.

So, how about take yourself seriously. How about you take the time you spend here seriously. You have a busy life. There are a lot of things you could be doing, but you are coming here. So milk it for every thing it is worth! Get every ounce of benefit you can get out of it. And that means…showing up prepared.

Get a bag. Fill it with gear. Bring it to class.

Jane shows off a cool tape job.

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