What’s in your Human Toolkit?

I have to admit… I LOVE articles (see below) like this for the sheer fact that someone out there is stepping back far enough to see the whole picture.

Reading this got me thinking of the necessary elements that you have at your business, which in turn led me to this question… are you working with current tools or are you a year behind? 5 years behind? 10? 20?

Personally I don’t believe that technology will “save” us. If you know how to use a car correctly, though, you will probably agree it makes it easier to get around. So, used properly, a car benefits us. I heard a story from a while ago (but I think you can relate) about guy who went to a business seminar and brought in his desktop computer and said he wanted to know what he should do… the confused seminar leader asked him to explain his question… the computer guy responded that he bought a computer now he needs to learn how to make money off it…

Tools will only do so much.

Enjoy the somewhat long article and the video as well and post thoughts to comments.


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