What’s NOT Gonna Happen?

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“G.I. Jane”
100 burpee pull-upsWhat’s already not going to happen? What are you walking into prepared to fail at? I noticed yesterday that I sometimes have a tendency to start things with the mindset that failure is a done deal. Now, I know this is natural. It’s kind of a default setting put in place to ensure that I don’t actually fail at things (is it a real failure if I declared that that is how it will actually go?). The other thing that I noticed is that if I hang onto that mindset, I can almost guarantee that I will fail — with the unfortunate consequence that I prove to myself that I have the uncanny ability to be right about it!

Now that it’s a natural response doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable. If I can give up the mindset that I will fail and do it from that it is possible I stand a fair chance of doing what it will actually take to be successful. It doesn’t mean that I WILL succeed, but I can OWN the success or failure. If I succeed from “this will fail” I will only have the experience of succeeding in spite of myself, as an accident, and may never know what it actually took to nail the performance. If I fail from “this will fail” I won’t be doing anything different than I thought anyway, I’ll have proven myself right, and the chance that I will learn something from it is slim to none.

Being willing to take on “this will happen” opens up the opportunity truly to be successful, to look at what you are going INTENTIONALLY to do to succeed, to be open to what shows up. You can know what you did, what you didn’t do and what you want to try next time. You can’t actually guarantee success, but you can guarantee ownership of your process.




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