What’s the difference?

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At CrossFit LA we strive to make each person’s visit different than any other place that they have been or will go to. And we do this from the first moment we answer the phone or when someone finds our website. If you have been to our seminar, or are planning on going, we cover this extensively on how you can do it as well. How does your box stand out in a crowd of fitness choices? If I called your box, would it sound like any other place if I replaced the word Crossfit with the word Golds? Is everyone’s first experience with your box memorable even if they DIDN’T join?

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This video is from our seminar. I’m sorry it’s so long but it’s full of valuable information and I did not want to “dumb it down” for time’s sake.

What’s the Difference? from CrossFit LA – The BIZ on Vimeo.



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