What’s the Point?

Today’s Workout
Max Effort Box Squat – work up to a heavy single

500m row, for timeWhy do you work out? What’s the point?

Do you do it to lose weight? To get ready for a competition? For longevity? To better yourself at your sport of choice?

What’s the point? Can you answer that question? And if not, maybe you should stop and think about that. Would you ever go on a road trip without having at least a general idea of your destination? Maybe you take side trips and unexpected turns, but you have a general idea of why you got in the car to begin with.

Do you know why you showed up in the gym? Maybe you knew on day one, but you haven’t thought about it in a while. Do you have a purpose and does your training have a purpose?

Or maybe, and this is what I’ve discovered over the last six months, the purpose you’ve always functioned under isn’t the right one anymore. Maybe it’s time to reassess the end point to see if it still matches the rest of your life. Are you training like you’re competing, even when you’re not? Did you say you wanted to lose weight and then forgot all about the nutrition part?

Think about why you show up in the gym. Think about your general direction. Does it all make sense? And what’s the point?

WLC Pre-Lim-56

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