What’s the Purpose?

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Today’s Workout

3 rounds for time:
500m row
21 front squats (115/75)
12 push press (115/75)Why do we ask you to do the seemingly crazy things that we do? Why do we want you to be able to clean and jerk, deadlift, kip, swing a kettlebell or do double unders? I can assure you it’s not so that you have a great clean, a big deadlift or 100 consecutive double unders. Those things are all great – but they are great because they train you for your daily challenges and are indicators of how powerful, strong and coordinated you are in life! I’m not ultimately interested in whether or not you want to be a great lifter. I’m interested in you living the strongest, most powerful, vibrant, exciting life you can possibly imagine. We could be doing anything, it just so happens that these particular movements do the trick. Work it out in here so you are free to take on anything you want out there!

Hey Nina – are you tired of this yet? Ha!



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