What’s the Rush?

Today’s Workout

5 Rounds, for time:
538m Row
6 Turkish Get Ups (60/40)
17 Pull UpsThe clock in the gym is a funny thing. It is part of why CrossFit works. It encourages us to move quickly. It measures our progress. It reminds us we have something to get done and something at which to get better. But, like any strength, it can also show up as an obstacle. To be a slave to the clock above all else is to sacrifice form and good practice. I see it happen, and you all know I do, because I stop you and start you over. You have heard me say it, time and time again. “That doesn’t count. That doesn’t count.” I remind you to not rush through things.

Don’t rush through things.

Don’t skip through the exercise. Find the bottom of the squat. Find the top of the press. Lock out your handstand. Sit up on your sit up. See in your head what you are going to do. Do it. Complete it. Then move on.

This is training. Training is about good practice. Training is practicing with good form, so that when the time comes to turn it up….you can. Slow down and feel it. You all know the students who do this. You admire them. You watch them and comment on their fabulous form. Be those people.

BAFD (34)

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