What’s waiting in your pantry?

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Is your pantry well stocked with the food you need for quick, easy and good preparation of meals? Do you know what you need to have on hand so that you’re ready to make almost anything? Are you armed with a shopping list when you go to the market? Preparation is truly the key to success in eating good food, and maintaining a healthy diet. If you plan well, are organized, and, most importantly, have good food available in your pantry or refrigerator to eat when your stomach starts churning for lunch, a snack or dinner, chances are, you’ll make good choices and eat well most of the time (rather than stuffing your face with whatever you can find to fend off the hunger pangs.)

I was surfing the web over the weekend and came across a great blog called Real Food Rehab that includes a post from Oct 27 with a Pantry Essentials Guide. Check out the blog – some really cool stuff regarding food, preparation, ingredients, recipes, and food motivation. Comments?

Say “Burpee!”

Today’s Workout
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds for time of:
Knees to elbows
GHD Sit ups
Wall Ball Double shots
Rev. Grip Push Ups



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